We feel proud caring those who have spent their whole life caring us…

Smiling Hands Foundation, established in 2014, is a social intiative to provide quality physiotherapy services to senior citizens at zero cost. Under the spiritual guidance and blessings of our elders, we have completed 5 years.
Parents care for their childeren without any expectations. However, with small family sizes, many elderly parents are living alone with their grown-up childeren settled in other cities / countries. In some cases, elderly parents are staying in the same house with their grown-up childeren who are busy with their scheduled jobs. Natural age related changes like reduced bone density, reduced muscle strength, increased body fat, poorer coordination and stiffer joints affects elders’ mobility and daily life. While physiotherapy cannot stop ageing, it can definitly help to reduce the impact of these changes on our bodies and daily lives.
Smiling Hands Physiotherapy is an initiative towards helping elders stay as active and independent as possible with the help of physiotherapy. We at ‘Smiling Hands Foundation’ try to provide them the same care which a parent provide to their kids – ‘without any expectation’.  We provide them home like envirnoment where they can forget their pains and go back with a smile. Reviews of our regular patrons, available on this site, is a testimony to our success. We have successfully done it for the past 5 years.

How do we meet our finances?
We provide the services to elders, 60 years and above, at zero cost. This is funded primarily by the earnings of founding members of the ‘Smiling Hands Foundation’ (sorry to repeat it on this page, but we are proud of it).However, to meet other costs, we charge fee from people younger than 60 years. We are not looking for any donations at the moment, however, if you would like to make a donation, please contact us.

Do you get funds from government?
Often, people assume that since there is no (almost nil) charge for the elders, this must be funded by government or would be an NGO looking for government funds. Answer is ‘No’. We do not receive any grant or funds from government, neither are we planning to apply for it.We would like this center to be run through our own funds and cover some of the running expenses through some paid services. Objective is to keep it almost free for the senior citizens.

Who we are ? The founding members of Smiling Hands Foundation are working in private sector in Gurgaon. They spend their non-office hours with their family and to this physiotherapy center. Should we say more about the founding members? Not required!! How does it matter!!

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